Luxe Range

exclusive collection

Exclusive, Perfected Artworks

A premium range of artworks that takes intricate planning and preparation. I take the best aspects of previous paintings and put them all together to create one large beautiful, statement piece. The detail in these paintings tell a story, and you will find yourself noticing different aspects of the painting every time you look at it. There is no time limit placed on this range of paintings, as they can take months to create.

A Life Changing Contribution

Cambodian Cocoon

Helping Cambodian Families

For every Luxe sale I make, I build a single water well for a Cambodian Family in need.  This is a permanent, life changing gift that will keep on giving.  I love working with Cambodian Cocoon as 100% of funds go to the cause, they are a beautiful, authentic charity. With the permission of the buyers, I like to add their names on the plaque next to each water well.

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