3 Practical Reasons why to Buy Original Paintings: The Secrets of Authentic Artworks

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The digital world has offered many things that make life easier; from better communication channels like social media to getting the most straight forward dessert recipe with the help of Alexa, you could say that this generation has almost everything at the touch of their fingertips. Nearly every facet of a human’s life is touched by the digital world… Even the world of paintings!

With the power of technology, it is able to provide us the same quality items for a lower price. People have embraced this with open arms, as it seems like a good deal after all?

If you put a high-quality cotton dress with woven floral ornaments on sale, and then a digitally printed polyester imitation  next to it for much cheaper, the pricey version will stay on the rack gaining dust. It is true people love authenticity, but if more inexpensive items which ‘look’ the same come into the picture, they will definitely go for what is more budget friendly.

Yes, you’re in for great deals thanks to technology. But some things are better classic and authentic—like original paintings.
Are you looking for authentic paintings for sale in Australia, particularly within Melbourne? Whether you’re a starter or an old-time art collector, this article will help you in making the right purchase for your home or office.

How to Spot Authentic Paintings: The Battle Between Original and Printed Artworks:

Since the wave of digitally printed artworks on canvas came into the market, more and more people jumped on the bandwagon and chose to purchase these products. Although buying digital artwork reproductions also encompasses art appreciation, only those who genuinely know the value of originality would be interested in original paintings for sale.

However, even in the world of art scams can be rampant.  The only blunder you could make if you don’t know a thing or two about original artworks, is purchasing a digitally printed painting for the price of an original.

First, it’s important to remember that an original painting is a one-of-a-kind artwork created by an artist, with or without the intent of reproducing it. You could buy a replica or printed piece looking precisely like the original, but there can only be just one unique version.

The reproduction of original artworks happens because of several reasons:  one, the market’s demand for such designs is high, and two, people would definitely go for a cheaper version as long as the artwork looks the same. But if you’re the type of buyer who looks more on the aesthetic value and realness than price, then you must be well-informed about original artworks.

So, everything boils down to this question: How much do you know about an original paintings? To help you start wise in your artwork purchasing journey, here are 4 useful tips for how to know if you are buying an authentic original painting in Australia. 

4 useful tips to spot an authentic painting for sale in Australia:

A certificate proving if a painting is authentic


1. Certificate of Authenticity 


Yes, a Certificate authenticating the artwork should be the first thing an art collector must secure when purchasing an original painting. One good thing about modern-day painters is most of their artworks entail COAs, so you feel confident about buying an original piece of art. When purchasing a painting with a COA, it is wise to do a little background check about the artist’s signature, artwork, and recent projects. 

Notice if the piece that you are purchasing has the same painting techniques compared with the artist’s previous works of art. If the artist has his/her own website, you can visit the webpage directly to make sure that your transactions are legitimate. Also don’t forget to check that it is signed by the artist. This way, you can be sure that you’re in for the real deal.

 2. Textured Surface  

Of course, checking the painting’s surface is one of the most effective ways to figure out if the artwork is an original. Paintings for sale (even in Melbourne) are created on canvas, paper, wood, or a panel. To check the authenticity of the artwork you will need a magnifying glass and better lighting. If there’s one thing that a printer will never be able to copy, it’s the brush strokes made on the painting. Replicas don’t have brushstrokes; they have a dot matrix pattern and are usually printed on stock paper or canvas. 

These copies are applied with varnish finishes to conceal traces of digital reproduction and imitate authentic brush strokes. However, original paintings don’t have just ‘one layer’ of brush strokes. Depending on the artist’s technique, an original painting can have a series of thicker strokes in some areas of the artwork.

When an artist is in their creative zone, they become one with the painting, and every brushstroke is as unique as to how they feel, intend, and envision towards the outcome desired. This is something that a digital printer will never be able to reproduce on any canvas or paper—the artist’s oneness with their masterpiece.

3. Traces of pre-production 

 Aesthetics take a long process, too; and many artists don’t ambush paint by painting without sketching first. If you look close enough, original paintings, especially the water colour painted pieces, can be spotted with subtle traces of sketches beneath the brush strokes. Although there are some art for sale in Australia that are printed with these thin pencil sketches, not everything would turn out 100% when compared with the original. In this case, you can always trust your observation and instincts.

4. Everything becomes uneven 

When it comes to painting an original artwork, artists have one thing in common—precision is out of the picture. Artists usually do not work on calculated skills, but based on raw talent, instinct, style, and vivid memory. So, when holding an original painting, you will notice a lot of these characteristics from paints along the anchored edges of the artwork to the thickness of the canvas. The more a painting looks beautifully messy, uneven, and personal, the higher its authenticity level becomes.

Original Painting of Venice

When it comes to choosing authentic art for sale, there are few prominent names in Australia that you can always trust—like the Australian artist , Isabella Karolewicz from Melbourne. Bella has a natural talent and mastery for contemporary and traditional art. Her raw passion for creating masterpieces through traditional painting techniques and her interest in creating modern abstract artworks have enabled her to come up with her ‘signature style’. You can learn more about her painting style here.


3 Practical Reasons Why You Should Buy an Original Painting


Great for the artist – even better for you 

Yes, when you buy an original painting from an artist, you’re not only showing appreciation to beauty, but you’re also supporting a career that is aiming to flourish in the world of art.

Most artists paint for two reasons: 
– Passion and self expression. A strong desire to share their wonders with the world.
– Professional growth and to maintain a sustainable career.

You may be wondering, how is purchase artwork more beneficial to me than the artist themselves? 

A part from the fact that original artworks increase in value over time, you are acquiring a one-of-a-kind piece of timeless art that was created within the bounds of someone’s precious time, talent, effort, and soul. These four things are exquisitely priceless.

A Painting is never ‘just a painting’


It is a part of one’s heart and soul manifested into something that your eyes could vibrantly see. It is a picture of a silent message that longs to be understood and appreciated. Buying an original painting is a sign that you are blessed to own a tangible product of one’s passionate and artistic talent. It also lets you invest in something that can increase in market value over time. 

If you lived during the time that Vincent Van Gogh was just a budding artist, would you even bother to purchase even what you deem his simplest work? Of course, you would! Now, there is only one Van Gogh in the past—but there are a lot of Van Gogh’s today, waiting for a break from trusting buyers like you!


Paintings of hands

Your standard for high-quality artwork improves over time 


Becoming an expert art collector doesn’t happen overnight. It gets better as you make your way looking for the best paintings in Australia or around the globe. Once you find the paintings that match your taste and artistic standards, it’s easier to figure out which one’s artwork is worth the purchase. From tonal values, texture, message, composition, and even lighting, you’re sure to find the right artwork that suits your needs. 

Also, your sense of originality for aesthetics will enhance, and will not only stay on just one facet of your personality; it will influence you wholly—from taste in fashion, gastronomic adventures, and even your natural interior designing skills that naturally spring up when you need to spruce up your home. Who knows, you could be a top-notch art collector who owns a prized collection of artworks from great artists in the future?

Your house becomes a home 

When revamping your house’s interior design, having artworks hanging or plastered on your walls creates the mood for your home. A house is never a home if there is no touch of the aesthetic in it. Paintings bring life and messages that resonates within the boundaries of your home. When there is a good painting displayed in your home, there are colours, hopes, and inspirations—things that could influence anyone’s mood positively. An artwork also produces emotional, mental, and sometimes spiritual healing to anyone who ‘connects’ with it. 

It stimulates the mind to think, get curious, appreciate, and interpret the message that the artist is trying to convey. 

Paintings in living room

A Decision You Will Never Regret


When it comes to finding the most exquisite paintings for sale in Australia, one could only rely on a few names. But when it comes to finding the artwork that suits to almost any design standards and personal picks, an artwork by Bella Karolewicz  is one perfect choice, view here gallery here. Her painting style is unique and fits into the trends of modern society, however also proving to be classical artworks. 

Perhaps you are looking for a one of a kind painting painted just for you? Work together with Bella to create your individual masterpiece by contacting her today.

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