How to Choose the BEST painting for your living room

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How to Choose Paintings for your Living Room

A beautiful home is a home full of love – perhaps some plants here and there, and maybe a good set of furniture. But what most people may not be entirely aware of in making a home the most beautiful it has ever been, is by adding art

Sculptures, ceramics, crafts and interior design are just some of the many types of art you can put in your home. Paintings are one of the most usual type of art that can be seen in a home which is typically done by the house owner’s favourite artist/painter or favourite style of painting. Paintings add more personality and emphasise the tone you wish to express in your home.

If you are looking for paintings for sale or even just planning to purchase an artwork, you have come to the right place. Before anything else, have you decided what you want for your home? For your living room, perhaps? What is the overall effect you wish to achieve with your space? Or would you like to see a couple of artwork first before deciding? Either way, you are going to make a lovely home with paintings that you truly love and enjoy.

What Painting is Best for Your Living Room?

It can be quite a challenge to choose the best kind of painting you want to display in your living room.  Here are 5 points  you may want to consider to making the right decision and purchase that you will not regret.

  • The Artist

One of the factors for choosing paintings is the painter himself/herself. Some people buy their artwork for the fact that it is done by their favourite painter.  Perhaps this person is an emerging, talented artist whose artwork is believed to appreciate in great value one day. If you believe in the long term success of this artist, it would be wise to start collecting their originals sooner rather than later.  One artist, who’s value in art has tripled in the past 2 years and shows a promising future in the world of art, is Australian Artist Isabella Karolewicz. You can read about her here.

Australian Artist Painting

It may be because of their techniques, styles use of colour that resonates with you.  Perhaps it evokes a specific emotion that may inspire you to decorate your living room space ‘around’ the artwork.  The part where you decide the overall effect for the room is based on the paintings you wish to purchase. That is, unless, you love to coordinate in which case you should choose specific paintings of your favourite painter much more carefully in favour of the living room’s vibe.

  • Style and Technique

Some homeowners also go for the style and technique the artist used for a painting. No matter the identity of the painter, these people purchase their artwork because of their biases to a specific style or technique like oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolour painting, and many more. 

You can also consider this factor in choosing the best painting for your living room especially when you have a favourite style of painting.

  • Colour

Most people choose paintings based on the colours they show. They do this solely for coordination within the space. Colour coordination is when you match the colour palette of your living room to the paintings you wish to display. Some opt for abstract paintings with a specific colour palette to match their living room furniture set.

If you have decided what colour palette you will be using for the living room, choosing paintings for coordination will be easy for you.

  • Personality

It is undeniable that paintings, even if you didn’t paint them yourself, are a form of self-expression. Knowing your personality and being aware of it, is one the reasons choosing original paintings could be easy. You could base them on your personal interests such as sunsets, travel, horses, and whatnot. You can view different series and categories of work here. 

  • Message

Most people appreciate art for the message it expresses. It can be one’s preference in choosing paintings based on what values are important to them. For example, a painting of cityscapes may ignite memories of fond travel experiences.  Whereas a painting of a female figure may inspire the your female inner strength.  Some paintings also express sadness, happiness, and many other emotions. They  can even appreciate history, such as Bella’s Original painting Heart of Melbourne, Vintage Flinders (Luxe), where it depicts a 1950’s setting of romance around the historic building, Flinders Station. 

How to Decorate Living Room with Paintings


A beautiful Painting in the living are with the right size

If you need some expert advice on which type of painting would suit your living room best, Bella the Australian artist is more than happy to have a chat with you.  She enjoys working with people to create the desired atmosphere with her elegant, timeless paintings. Feel free to contact her anytime here. 

Paintings cannot be simply hung anywhere in the house. For you to successfully decorate your living room with paintings, there are three (3) steps you need to take.

1. Know what you want.

It is important to know what paintings you want in your living room. You cannot proceed to step 2 without knowing what paintings you wish to display in your living room to achieve the overall effect you are going for.

2. Consider the size and placement.

The size of the paintings you wish to buy is just as important as the art in it. Considering where you will be placing your painting, it is imperative to be considerate of the size for that painting to fit on the space made for it. Size is not the only thing to consider, however, as placement defines and emphasises the artwork and the living room itself.

For example, when put on a large space, you can also go for one large painting above the couch. For small spaces, most people go for smaller pieces that can be laid like a collage or an art gallery. However, these options can be interchangeable for size and placements reasons as well.

3. Trust yourself.

As a homemaker, you should trust yourself with the decisions you make in making your home as lovely and as homier as possible. This is not a simple task that can be done with just one snap of the finger. Your efforts will be paid off when house guests will see what you’ve done with your place!

Living Room Art Ideas

Here are living room art ideas you can choose from!

One Large Painting

A large painting will not only catch attention, it will also set the tone of the living room or even the house itself. Most people go for what contrasts the feel of the room. For example, a minimalistic living room with a colour palette of blue will go well with a vibrant piece of painting. For large artwork for sale, visit the artist Bella’s gallery who specialises in medium – large artworks.

Create an Art Gallery

Creating an art gallery is good for both large and small living rooms for the same reason: it creates the illusion of a larger space. Also, this will give you the reason of finally displaying those pieces of art you thought you couldn’t hang.

Multiple Canvas Paintings

Multiple-canvas painting refers to the kind of painting that shows one design but in separate canvases. This kind of painting can usually be found in large spaces to emphasise the placement. 

Freeform Art

Freeform art is also one of the most creative décor you can do at your home. Most people opt for this art especially when they want their personal interests to manifest in their homes. For example, décor in the form of a flock of birds on a large wall of a living room to show that the homeowner might be an adventurous traveller.

How Do I Choose the Right Size Art for My Wall?

A painting with the wrong size for your wall could only end in two ways – it can either be too big or too small for the space; both of which can overwhelm and underwhelm the room and the painting.

  1. Measure the length and width of the open space where you wish to hang your painting. It is unnecessary to include the floor when you want to display it above the couch.
  2. Paintings hung over furniture should be 55-75% of the width of the furniture to ensure proper placement and avoid imbalance. For example, a painting over an 84-inch-long sofa should be 63 inches wide or less.
infographic guide on choosing the right wall art size

How Big Should A Painting Be for a Wall?

Professional tips for choosing artwork for your home


an infographic guide on how to choose the right wall art size

For the Kitchen

The kitchen is referred by many as “the heart of the house” and rightly so. Justify this saying by displaying paintings that are vibrant or even humorous to make things lighter and much happier in the area where you eat!

For the Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most intimate and private areas of the house. In psychology of colours, what expresses calmness, peacefulness, and serenity are the colours white, green, and other less saturated colours. The bedroom is the place of comfort. Therefore, paintings with these shades and colours will not only be aesthetically pleasing, it will also help you soothe your mind.

For the Living Room

The living room is where most people spend their time. This refers not only to the people living in the house but for the guests as well. Most people go for paintings that could start conversations to stir people’s interests. Additionally, choosing paintings for the living room is perhaps the most important because it sets the tone and mood of your home. Whatever you show in the living room, it defines your home and it defines you.

Artwork For Sale

Are you looking for the perfect paintings for your living room? We have a selection of paintings that will inspire you on your journey to turning your house into a home! You can view original paintings for sale here  and if the painting you want is sold, you are welcome to organise a meeting with Bella to come up with the perfect piece for your home. Contact her here.

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