The Ultimate Guide on how to buy Art/Paintings

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Buying paintings is an emotional and intuitive experience. It is like getting into a relationship, you decide not only with your mind, but also with your heart and soul. With this, you should have a strategy when it comes to buying art. This will not only make it more systematic, but also more enjoyable and fulfilling!

Having said that, here’s The Ultimate Guide on How To Buy Art/Paintings for your ready reference. This guide will include tips and tricks that will help you know and understand art and what the best painting for your home could be.

How To Choose Art For Your Home

Buying art for your home is a special ordeal.  What you put in your home is not only a reflection of your taste but also a reflection of your personality too. Not to mention that you are brining in something special, especially if it is an original painting.  An artist pours their love and energy into each creation, and displaying this in your home is something truly inspiring.

Art is the tangible piece of your soul that you can show off.

Now that’s already out in the open, the questions you ask yourself next is “What artwork would go well for my space?” and “Where do I get these artworks?”.

Know that artworks, especially paintings, are also an investment, so best purchase when you’re ready and not just on a whim. If you pick the right piece of art, you might find yourself one day owning something as valuable as a Picasso painting!

Tips For Buying Wall Art

A rule of thumb when purchasing art is to buy what you like. Choose the art that speaks to you and moves you. So when the time comes that people notice it, it can start a nice and worthwhile conversation.

Perhaps you want a statement piece, or if you are more on a budget, perhaps a limited edition print.   Note that many artist cater fore all budgets.  One example is the Australian Artist Isabella Karolewicz, who offers one of a kind statement pieces in her “luxe” range; Original paintings; Limited edition prints; open edition prints and Cushion Covers. 

 Stay True to Yourself, Stay Original

Artworks are tangible pieces that move us and make us feel. The beauty of art comes from feeling, and not always knowing. you may be drawn to a painting of your favourite city, or perhaps even connect with an abstract painting that has no technical detail.  That’s your preference and you’re entitled to it. There’s a wide range of styles and tastes to choose from and it is all valid.

Don’t worry about what is ‘trending’ at the moment.  If you trust your heart, and choose an artwork that resonates with you, I assure you that you will love it forever. You can play around when decorating and styling each of your rooms. Each space can have its own unique vibe and mood.

Do Your Research and Get to Know the Artist

Getting to know the artist behind the artwork will make you relate more to the piece you’re going to purchase. Take for example, our artist, Bella who appreciates it when people reach out to her and take time to ask her about her passion.  Sometimes it is important to understand the artist, to ensure that their paintings will be a good fit your sacred place you call home.

Where Should it Go?

Knowing exactly where to put your paintings is also a form of art in itself. Consider the placement of your art. Should it be placed by the door, in between the windows, or should it be a center piece elsewhere? 

  • Take into consideration your space, first of all.
  • Is it large enough for a couple of pieces or just intimate that one or two pieces can complete it.
  • Is it place where people can stand back and appreciate the art?

Once you know these, you can confidently start on styling and decorating your space.

Wall Art Buying Guide

How many paintings should be in a room?  


‘Statement’ piece artwork

What is a statement piece?  Well, it is amazing, picture this; When you walk into your home, you could be greeted by a single large original painting. Perhaps you have a large wall, tall ceilings, or even a beautiful staircase.  A Statement piece is exactly that, a statement.  It sets the mood and tone for the entire house.  Examples of statement pieces can be found here.



Gallery wall

Perhaps you have a longer hallway in your home.   This is a perfect setting to optimise the use of the ‘gallery wall’ layout.  You could use 2,3 or even 4 artworks within your hallway that will not only create striking interest, but take anyone who comes into your home on a journey of its own! 

Where to buy original paintings in Australia

A pair

A pair of artworks always brings a nice mood to any space.  Picture this, you could have a landscape Paris painting featuring the Eiffel Tower over your couch.  Pair it up with a portrait  painting of Paris featuring ‘The Arc De Triomphe’ on the nearest wall and you have a complementary set of paintings.


How to choose wall art size

Just like buying household items and furniture, you must always consider the size and space. Artwork that is too small may seem out of place but grouping them with a couple of little other pieces could do the trick. Large artworks, on the other hand, may consume your space or might not fit at all. This is why spatial sensitivity is a must. 

Here’s a couple of sizes for your reference. 

  • Small (51 x 67cm)

This is a small and cute size for an artwork.  Artwork and paintings of these sizes can stand alone but are often also grouped together for a styled effect.

  • Medium (66 x 86cm)

This size also looks great in portrait or panoramic.   It is large enough to stand on its own if your wall space is smaller; you could also use this size to create a gallery wall.

  • Large (84 x 110cm)

These pieces are large enough to style a room on its own.

  • Very Large (130 x 110)

One large artwork can complete the look in your space. These kinds of artworks are not recommended to be included in a gallery wall for most settings.

  • Oversized (182 x 122cm)

Oversized artworks can be the focal point of a wall creating a ‘Statement Piece’. Although, oversized pieces can overwhelm small rooms and work better with taller ceilings and a wall on their own.

How to choose art for apartments

Scout your Space

Once you know the size of the space you’re working on, choosing the right artwork for your apartment will just be a breeze.

Think of what vibe and energy would you want to feel when entering the space. Landscape and abstract can give a calming sense for the bedroom while having a loud piece would be great for your kitchen and dining.

Trust your Gut

Since buying art is more of intuition and feeling, choosing the right art for you will require more than your mind. If you’re drawn to it for the first time, then go for it.

If you still need time, sleep on it. If you still think about it in the morning, then it’s a match.

Ask an Expert

At the end of the day, an expert’s opinion is still that, an opinion. You still hold the last say as well. Although having the thoughts of an expert will never hurt anyway. Our studio is always available for your queries when it comes to art. So feel free to send us a message today.

Choosing Artwork for your interior design

Most often then not, while doing interior design, wall art is seen and treated only as an afterthought. Long after the last coat of paint has dried up and gets dealt with after all the furniture and fixtures are all in order. Sometimes, it isn’t even on the plan.  If you ask me, I would say choose your artwork first! Then match your interior design to the main artwork. Many of the most amazing interiors we have worked with, created a specific wall for a painting before the house was even built.  

Putting wall art on the top of your to-do list can give you a very satisfying and exciting design opportunity. What most people don’t know is that choosing the right wall art is the key to making your space come together. It’s what matters most when doing interior design.

Now that you know all these tips and tricks, you probably have a clearer picture of what you want. It’s now time to actually get that painting for your space. Bella’s Art Studio offers one of a kind artwork for sale that are not only great conversation starters but are also unique and Elegant. 

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Know your space and everything that is in it. By doing so you’ll know what works and where the pieces should go. Take your time in choosing what painting, prints, or artwork for sale to purchase. Enjoy art in the comforts of your space!

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