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Exhibiting Artists In Daylesford

Looking for some Daylesford artists? Clayfire Gallery, in Daylesford was the very first gallery I formally exhibited in. Being 19 years old at the time, you can imagine that not many galleries would be eager to exhibit an emerging artist as young as myself.  I was probably the youngest exhibiting of all the Daylesford artists at the time. I applied to many galleries in Melbourne before and got knocked back from all of them. 

Visiting Clayfire Gallery as a child 

It was then when I remembered visiting a lovely boutique in Daylesford when I was a child. I faintly remembered their beautiful glass sculptures and delicate jewellery. So I thought I would send them through an email and to my surprise, they loved my artwork and were so excited to start exhibiting them! This was the beginning of an amazing journey with the Clayfire Gallery. Mark and Robyn (The original owners) did a beautiful job at displaying and selling my original paintings for the years to follow.

Displaying Original Paintings in the front room

I had such an overwhelming response to my artworks that as a result, my original paintings appreciated in value due to the increasing demand.  Mark and Robyn displayed my artwork in the front room along the wall.  It was like having a beautifully decorated personal gallery space.  I was very honoured to be a featured artist.  Through Daylesford, I sold many cityscapes, nudes, musical and figurative paintings to people travelling there from all around the world. Selling to young couples, to older couples, to even bikers! My target market is something that I can never seem to understand…

Daylesford Artists painting hanging on wall

Artworks that were most popular in Daylesford:

I love exhibiting in Daylesford as it gives me insight as to which paintings are most popular.  Here is a list of paintings that got the most attention.  From Cityscapes, to nudes, to painting birds and musical instruments… It has left me quite confused.  But I do know one thing, as long as I paint what I love, I know that someone else will love it too!

In recent times, I have one original painting exhibited in Daylesford alongside a collection of high quality prints. If you are visiting the lovely Daylesford, you must browse the beautiful Art deco shops. Daylesford art galleries have unique artworks that are made from local artists. Making precious gifts from sculptures, candles, coffee tables to intricately designed chopping boards.

Looking for paintings for sale

In the meantime, you can visit my online gallery here, and you are more than welcome to pop in to my home studio (which is around 1 hour and 15 minute drive from the Daylesford area. 


More Information about the Clayfire Gallery;

Clayfire Gallery was founded in 2004 by Mark and Robin Reid. It was a gallery for pottery and artisan’s of the local area which inspired the name ‘Clayfire’.
In 2018 Anthony & Di Quinn took over the gallery from Mark & Robin and have been transforming the gallery to focus on launching the career of emerging artists and creators, while also representing a number professional artists both nationally and internationally.

Clayfire Gallery can be found on the main street of Daylesford and is open Wednesday to Monday from 10:30am – 4:30pm. 63 Vincent Street, Daylesford VIC 3465 Australia 

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