Where to buy authentic Original Paintings in Australia

Where to buy original paintings in Australia

Are you tired of looking at that big empty wall? Perhaps you would like to fill your space with a big, beautiful artwork. What’s even better, is if you could fill it with an original painting created by an Australian Artist!

You may be wondering where to buy original paintings in Australia? So we have created this article to give you a few different options and point you in the right direction.  

You can Buy original Art in Australia directly online, or even better, directly from the creator themselves, the artist. But first, lets understand why buying an original painting is so special and more advantageous.

Reasons to buy original paintings


Owning an original painting is so much more meaningful than owning other items of mass production. There is something not only unique but also spiritual in owning an original painting that was created by the hands of a creative.


One of the biggest benefits in purchasing an original painting is the scarcity of it. That very painting could never be painted and created exactly the same again. The emotions and creative mood of the artist who created this original painting could not possibly be replicated. Making original artwork so unique and special, the perfect touch to finish off your beautiful home. So if you ever connect with an original painting, you might want to snatch it up before someone else does!

A certificate proving if a painting is authentic
Certificate of Authenticity – Isabella Karolewicz


Emotional Connection:

Australian artist Isabella Karolewicz believes;

‘Each one of my paintings is painted for a special somebody. As I am creating and painting, I know that it is being creative for someone very particular. I could hold onto a painting for 4 years, until that specific person comes through and falls in love with one of my pieces. I know that it hadn’t sold all that time not because it wasn’t a ‘good’ painting, but because it was waiting for its perfect home and buyer to be ready.’

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone is so different it is impossible know what people will like. Paintings can connect emotionally with the people who purchase them, adding a desired mood into the area they are displayed.

Appreciating value


Buying original artwork could be a great opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolios. Original artworks appreciate in value over time (that is if you are purchasing from a reputable Australian Artist). It is a wonderful investment that brings joy and beauty to any space, whilst increasing in value over time by simply hanging on your wall.

How to buy original paintings in Australia?


You may be looking for Australian art for sale, and you are in the right place! There are a few ways to buy original art in Australia. Thanks to technology, we are now able to view galleries before hand to determine whether it is something we would like.

Buy original art online

With the world wide web, many artists are jumping on the movement of creating their own individual websites. Sure, there are those select few large platforms such as ; Gallery 247, Bluethumb, Satchi Art and so on….

However we’re not here to talk about these larger platforms who are the supermarkets of artists. We want to go direct to the ‘farmers’ and support the people who are working tirelessly. We’re here to dive deep and find those gemstones hidden amongst the rubble

Many amazing Australian artists can be found through these platforms, and you can contact them directly through their personalised websites by a simple google search. It would also be worthwhile typing the hashtag ‘ Australian artist’, ‘Melbourne artist’ in platforms such as Instagram.

Here is a personal online gallery by Melbourne Artist Isabella (Bella).  You can click into each artwork to learn a little more about it.

Online Gallery Australia

Visiting reputable Australian Galleries

Where will you find the best artworks? In an art gallery, right? Art is so subjective, some of us appreciate traditional paintings, others contemporary colourful art and then.. others prefer viewing things like a ‘banana taped to a wall’. Therefore ‘the best’ place to buy original paintings in Australia, will depend on what you like and what you see value in.

Australian galleries:


Australian Galleries

With locations in Melbourne and Sydney

Olsen Gallery 

Located in Sydney

Nanda Hobbs

Located in Chippendale, NSW.

The Battle between Art Galleries and Artists

Working with galleries and hosting exhibitions comes at a great cost, and large commissions being paid to the gallery owners. That’s if you are privileged enough for them to represent you. Gallery owners are very picky when it comes to picking artists.

The truth is, sometimes the most beautiful, soulful and creative art galleries in Australia are the ones hidden away. You won’t find them on the internet on the first page of google, as they probably wont be spending their budgets on google advertisements. This is because these authentic artists are painting away in their studios doing what they do best!

Visiting artist’s home studios


One of these examples is Australian Artist Isabella, known as ‘Bella’. She is a semi abstract artist who works from her home studio, creating large unique paintings. She has a range of semi abstract acrylic and oil paintings on canvas.

As convenient as it is to browse the web to find the perfect Australian artwork for your home, it can never compare to seeing the masterpiece in real life. This is why is so important to go and visit a home studio once you have found an artist that you connect with.

Australian Artist Mixing Paints

Benefits of buying direct from an artist


When visiting home studios, the artist can personally show you what they have available.. lets be honest, they keep all their very best works up in their own home! A little secret they don’t give their masterpieces away to galleries to exhibit. 

They can show you their past works, and tour you through their creative process better than any gallery representative can.  Here is Bella’s online gallery, you can decide whether you connect with it, and if you do, you are more than welcome to pop in and give her a visit!

Rotary Exhibitions

Another way to buy original art for sale is at Rotary Art Shows. They run in most areas and display many local artists paintings for sale. It is such a wonderful atmosphere where you get to meet the artists and 30% of each sale going to charities of the rotary’s choice. The only disadvantage is that they are only exhibiting on specific weeks of the year. Here are a few Rotary Art Shows in Melbourne;


How much are original paintings?


This is a very hard question to answer simply. You have to ask yourself some important questions. 

Do you want your artwork to increase in value over time? If so, you would need buy original paintings in Australia from a reputable artist. to choose a painting from an artist who has good potential and is committed to being a full time artist, rather than a hobby artist.

Do you simply just want to fill in that empty space in your hallway? If art is not that important to you and you just wanting something quick to fill an empty space, you could visit craft markets for original paintings at lower prices.

Would you like a specific colour scheme that will suit the rest of your house?  If you are looking for a personalised premium service, you could think about getting a special commission painting made. You can visit here for more information.

Did you want buy art on a budget? Did you want to swap around the artwork often? If so, you can always look at purchasing from ‘hobby artists’ who don’t mind giving you a good deal since it is not their full time income.

Original paintings vary from a few hundred dollars, to hundreds of thousands. Depending on the skill level, reputation, and demand of an artist’s artwork will depend on the price of an original painting. Some paintings can be completed within hours, whereas others take 6 months. 

It is important to remember that whatever an artist charges for their original artwork, is for a valid reason. It would be a good idea to learn a little bit about the artist before purchasing their work.

Generally, artworks in established galleries are more expensive, compared to artworks held at the rotary art shows. Artworks from independent artists may be the most expensive, since they don’t give any to galleries due to high demands.

Bayside Art Show featured artist
Australian Artist, Isabella Karolewicz was featured in Bayside Art Show.


How do I find authentic Art Galleries in Victoria?

You can find many amazing artists on Instagram, and other social media platforms. It may take a little extra digging, but the gems you will find will be well worth it. 

So as an Australian artist myself, I encourage you to visit the galleries of the artists who may not be ‘represented’ by large galleries. We can give you a tour and insight to our secrets and why we paint the way we do. Something a mainstream gallery could not provide. 

The experience you will find is much more insightful and authentic than that of any mainstream exhibition held.

If you would like to follow the journey of Australian Artist Bella, feel welcomed to follow her on Facebook and Instagram where she does regular updates.  Or if you would like to receive first viewings of all her new Original Paintings,  scroll to the footer of the page and sign up to her monthly newsletter!

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