Bayside Art Show – Exhibiting Artist

Demonstrating Artist at exhibition

The Bayside Art Show is held by the Rotary Club of Brighton at the stunning Sandringham Yacht Club, overlooking the water. Enjoy some wine and finger food, whilst browsing over 500 unique, Australian paintings!  

I’m an Australian Artist, Bella who has been a featured artist at the Bayside Exhibition for the past two years.. Here is some insight to the Art Exhibition.

2019 Bayside Art Show Demonstrating Artist

One day as I was painting away, I received a call from Mercedes Benz Brighton. As they are the major sponsor of the Bayside Art show, this year, they wanted to have an artist painting live at their opening exhibition night. I have never done a live painting before, and considering my artworks take months to create, I was a little bit worried about how the painting will come up. Although, I accepted the challenge!

Working with the Mercedes Benz Brighton team

I had the pleasure of working together with Geoff Quirk, the dealer principle as well as Annie Hinze the Marketing Manager. They were very supportive and easy to work with. Before the opening night, I practised doing a live painting with a timer set for 2 hours. It came up terrible, so I had to do another one and another one. By the end of it, I really enjoyed the process, painting wet on wet created different qualities in the painting that could not be produced in multiple sittings.

Bayside Art Exhibition opening night

The Opening Night

Setting up on a tiny stage to do an expressive painting was a challenge in itself. Artist’s studios are normally large and if they are not, we take up the whole house with our craft! I had to remember in the back of my mind that I was at an event, and could not make the mess I normally would in my studio. Although it was very nerve wracking, I managed to get ‘in the zone’ and begin and complete the painting within 2 hours.

It was a lovely surprise for Mercedes Benz to send me a time-lapse of the video. It inspired me to purchase my own go pro and create more and more time lapses!  

Auctioning off the painting

The painting titled ‘Glimpse of Paris’ sold for $1,200. The painting was auctioned off, with the full amount being donated to Rotary club of Brighton fund raising initiative. As well as being a demonstrating artist at the Bayside art Exhibition, I was also a featured artist, Exhibiting 3 artworks. I feel really blessed to be able to say that my artwork raised almost $3,000 for charity that night!

Sold painting at Bayside art show

2018 Featured Artist – Bayside Art gallery

The previous year, in 2018, I was so excited to be a featured Artist at the Bayside Art Show 2018! I exhibited 5 of my original artworks and was lucky enough to receive the ‘People’s Choice Award’ on my Paris painting.  The Bayside Art Exhibition is such a great night to meet people who appreciate art, and other fellow artists.  If you would like to see more of my original paintings, click here. Or if you would like a painting designed and painted just for you, you are welcome to contact Bella anytime!

About the Bayside Art Exhibition




Sandringham Yacht Club
Jetty Road, Sandringham VIC 3191

The Rotary Club of Brighton has been supporting the Bayside Art Show since 1974. The Bayside Art Show began as a local community event in 1970, to growing over the years and being the second largest Art Show in Victoria, behind the Camberwell Art Show.

Approximately around 800 Australian Artworks are displayed each year, with painting sales equating to over $60,000 each year. The prestige Art Exhibition attracting thousands of guests over the exhibiting time. Not including the 250 invited guests for the preview opening night and awards presentations.

Giving back to the community

Each painting sold contributes to the funds raised that is used for a variety of community projects. The Art Show is the major fundraiser for the Brighton Recreational Centre. A not-for-profit community organisation providing recreational, sporting and cultural activities for everyone in the local community.

Bayside Art Show featured artist
Bella's Art Studio