7 Simple Home Decor Ideas to Refresh your Space


Are you looking for some simple home decor ideas to add some life into your space?   They say that you are what your home is—and this is particularly true, whether you’re a busy bee who leaves at 8am in the morning and gets back at 11pm in the evening or a homebody who stays in most hours of the day.  

Decorating a house can be easy, but building an interior design that channels your personality is a lot harder than anyone else could think of. For some, paying attention to the home’s interior is not at all necessary, as long as the house is easy to live in. In this article we will be showing you 7 simple home decor ideas that will transform your space.. But first..

Determine your interior design style

The reality is, a home interior can largely influence someone’s mood; it can inspire or discourage, which depends on how the home is set up. Determining your style is one key to get started when setting up your home’s interior design.

Are you more for a sophisticated coastal home setup like the Hamptons style? Or are you more interested in contemporary, minimalist, or industrial interior design styles?

Whether you’re in for a traditional or modern home setup, it’s important to pay attention to how you want your home’s ambiance to be after redecorating.

How do you feel whenever you enter your home? Does it have a peaceful ambiance that resonates within you? Or do you feel stressed just by looking around and you feel that everything just doesn’t add up?


Home decor Ideas

How should I decorate my house?

Your home is supposed to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and away from the hustle and bustle of the world—and if this doesn’t happen every time you are ‘home’, then you definitely need a little interior sprucing up.

The good thing about upgrading your home décor is this: you don’t have to be an interior design whiz to make things happen— with these home decor ideas and the power of good research, you can do a lot of wonders and save you from splurging a large amount! 

This article will provide you some helpful tips about home décor ideas. By the end of this article, you will surely know not just a thing or two about leveling up your home’s interior design, but seven smart tweaks to turn your house into a comfy home!

Home Decor Ideas – The Art of Rearranging Beauty

Interior design is all about maximising your experience within your own space, from the way you live, love, and even heal. It is the art or the process of making everything in your home in-sync with one another, producing a distinctive ambiance or feel that is not only felt by you, but also by anyone who enters your house. When you feel that something is amiss, believe in your instincts. But when you don’t know where to start, always consider these home interior design key points: 

luxe painting as home focal point

1. Your Home’s Focal Point

Ideally a large piece of one of a kind art and mostly a painting, this is what creates a stunning impression when a person enters the room.

It is where the eyes first lay its sight and it is what usually catches the attention

A home’s focal point is what serves as that main attraction that gathers everything altogether—from the interior theme, the rug, the seats, to the little decorations there are.

One of the most impactful ways to create a focal point in your home is by displaying a large original painting. Paintings channel inspiration better than other furniture; they are authentic and hand made, sending out thousands of messages that inspire the viewer.

When it comes to your choice of painting, one Australian Artist who is known for creating ‘one of a kind’ masterpieces is Melbourne Artist Bella. Bella’s Art Studio offers a diverse range of artworks that fits perfectly for a home décor focal point.

Own and operated by an expert Australian painter, Isabella Karolewicz has a wide range of authentic large paintings that go well with almost any interior design style, whether it be the Hamptons, Minimalist, Mid-Century Modern, Contemporary, Traditional, Transitional, French Country, Bohemian, or Rustic. You can view here gallery here.

Bella’s artworks are a combination of “traditional and contemporary art styles”—which are now known as her signature style. Mostly themed with love, beauty, music, and romance, Bella also showcases paintings in abstract backgrounds. For her cityscape-themed artworks, she already featured world-renowned places like Paris, Venice, Italy, London, and Australia. Bella’s artworks were created not only with passion and intricate styles, but also with an expertise in colour schemes and texture.

2. Working Around Your Home’s Focal Point 

As mentioned earlier, your interior’s focal point becomes the main attraction inside your home, so it is necessary that everything goes along well with it in terms of visual appeal. The focal point will act as your guide on what colour tones to pull when coming up with your personal home décor ideas from curtains, throw pillows, side tables, centre tables, lamps, vase, and other small pieces of home décors.

Matching up isn’t that hard especially if you know what you really want; and with the focal point’s visual guide to get you started, it wouldn’t be a struggle to come up with just the perfect mood for your home’s interior style.

3. Your Home’s Textured Treatment

Have you ever entered a room that looks complete, but just doesn’t seem to complete the interior’s ‘mood’? The colour schemes, furniture, and small home décor are there, but everything just seems flat and without edge.

Usually, when a home feels like this, it is because of the lack of texture. In DIY interior design, the texture is one of the few things that are considered last when setting up a home. This element is what gives the home an interior depth or edge.

Texture is what makes you perceive sensations from the home’s interior through the external surface of the décor and objects—even without literally touching them! It stimulates your sense of touch just by looking at everything inside your home.

Adding a textured treatment inside your home will greatly enhance your home’s positive mood! Aside from paintings with good texture treatments, you can also add texture on your walls, little furniture pieces, and if you’re in for a little splurging of cash, a change of large furniture will do good!


4. Don’t Forget the Floor decorating 

One of the most integral parts of setting up a home interior’s complete theme is the floor. But if you’re redecorating, there is no way that you can easily change your place’s flooring design just for the sake of sprucing it up. So, the best alternative to making your interior design concept happen without having to shell out more greens is to resort to rugs.

Yes, rugs are just as significant as any home décor you could think of. But what if my rented place is already carpeted wall-to-wall? Is it okay to put a rug over a carpet? If you will look up for answers on the Internet, you will definitely find different answers—you just have to rely on your designer instincts and do what works for you. 

For the sake of making you feel confident about this; rugs do add elegance and bring more life to your home’s ambiance. An area rug can also be your key décor into adding texture inside your home. With the right choice of size, thickness, colour scheme, and texture, a rug can be one of the best assets of your home interior.


Floral interior design

5. Flower Power 

If there is anything that you can add to your home’s interior that brings more life, it would be nature—specifically, flowers! Why, flowers never go out of season. Not only do they add colours inside your home, but flowers also enhance your place’s charm and warmth, sending out a cheerful vibe or relaxation to your guests. 

Just like the other home décor, picking a colour scheme for your flowers that matches your home’s theme is important. You can also consider other things like season and availability. During hot days like summer or spring, you can opt for flowers with stunning colours like daffodils, roses, carnations, and tulips. While for ‘gloomy days’ like rainy, autumn, or winter, you can choose flowers within the shades of purple and blue or pastel colours like winter jasmine, freesias, lavender, and alstroemerias. Long and short of it, flowers are integral parts of making your redecoration worth it. These small arrangements of joys are nature’s way of making everything extra beautiful.

6. A Switch on Lighting 

This is probably one of the most crucial things that affect the overall result of interior designing. No matter how beautifully redecorated your home is, if you fail on putting the best lighting for your home, everything just seems dull and lifeless.

Light is significant—and this does not only apply in interior design. Even in art and photography, light is what showcases outputs to their utmost beauty. Colours stay vibrant because of light; depth and textures are felt because of light. Sometimes the wrong lighting can give a place a yellow tint, staining all the colours of your interior you worked so hard to compose.

Now, to achieve a good lighting ambiance, remember that light sources from different levels can give that perfect mix. It’s also good to consider that different lighting works for your home’s five key spots: living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. (Note: Using white LED lights brings more life and cheerfulness inside your home than when using incandescent lights.)


difference between warm and cool light

7. Your Place Needs Some Space 

Whether you are just moving into a new place or are redecorating with these home decor ideas, dismissing old furniture and adding new ones is just one tiny part of the whole task. Space is a huge consideration in interior design. You can’t add more if there’s too little space and on the other hand, it’s really not that simple to decorate a huge place when there are only a few things to put.

When sprucing up your place, a good rule of thumb is avoid clutter, get rid of what is not significant, and allow for space to flow smoothly inside your home. Less is more. Your furniture should not be too close to each other—let the light reach every corner possible. If you have a rug, consider where to put your furniture. To achieve that luxurious feel, best place your small furniture above a large rug. But if you are using a smaller rug, put the furniture around, not on it. 

Finally, trust your interior design instincts. If everything just looks too cluttered or crowded to you, then declutter.

Your New Home Within Your Old Home

Yes, giving your place a new look without losing that ‘homey’ feel is possible as long as you know just the right tweaks to refresh your interior space. You don’t need to be an expert to successfully redecorate your home—although it would be good to have the help of an interior designer. Inspiration alone (with a nice budget, of course!) is enough to make this project happen. With a little bit of help from the right sources like books, online articles, and art websites, a these home decor ideas, you will be redecorating in no time! 

Always remember, art is a universe—and you’re free to explore it at your own pace.

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